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segunda-feira, 16 de setembro de 2019

The truth?

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Brothers and sisters, forgive me for the slight decontextualization of a sacred book that has a specific interpretation in your Christian community, but the truth that I'm here to tell you today is the education.

In my current perception of reality, freedom is conquered with education in any society that we are inserted, whatever your gender, color skin, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs. Knowledge is the only way today that I see that starting to walk towards freedom and this freedom brings a consciousness of trying to make other people free as well.

That's what I'm trying to do here.

Knowledge can be obtained in a number of ways, including spiritually, but what I would like to emphasize a little more now is the ability to have our own critical thinking based on all the experiences and the way in which you have reflected on them. This critical thinking brings us the ability to think a little more and question more moments that we have a simple answers for a complex problems.

Open space for controversial arguments:

1. Why can't someone choose to have sexual or affective relationships with people who were born with the same gender?

2. In Brazil, where many black women and consequently poor die while they are trying do make a clandestine abortion and abortions in Brazil is a crime. There are good abortion clinics here, but the single mother receives a minimum wage to live with  her few children with lack of human needs, they can only pay for a human butcher on the corner.

3. Why some drugs are treated as the main reason for the death and imprisonment of blacks for being illegal, but alcohol and cigarettes is a great trade where that our cup of beer moves our fun, our social life and the violence rates, murders, traffic accidents. Just that little mess or maybe become an alcoholic and for a nice social combination this little cigarette after a beer. Combo Alcohol and tobacco, the leaders in the ranking of drugs that most kill people.

Think about it.

4. Because instead of separating ourselves by what differentiates us, we don't try to unite by our similarities?

Education is a process of information exchanging. We are sending and receiving information all the time, but be aware: this process of obtaining freedom is very long, but the suggestion that I would say is the way, would be the dialogue. The fact that we are different thinking minds and spirits allows us to get to know each other.

Imagine the possibility of building yourself with the different. Think how different we are from each other and how we can learn from each other.

Think how much you as a man can learn from women or how much you heterosexual can learn from homosexuals or how much you white could learn from a black man or how much you Christian could learn from a Muslim or how much they could learn from you.

Education was and is the process that I seek my freedom. Education requires argumentation to be developed, so kind reader, I ask you if you feel like giving an opinion. You are welcome whatever the color of the chair in the room you are sitting in now, as I said before my intention is to share some of the knowledge I have gained throughout my life with all the contradictions, your contradiction is important, perhaps for you who have had the patience to read this text contradicts your thoughts and perhaps it builds in you a kind of thought, even if unconscious. 

Your contradiction also helps me to become freer.

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