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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2020

Perception of Reality

Imagine that each of us sees the world in a completely different way. Think that the way the I see the world and life is different the way that you see, we are gonna think similar in some topics and different in others. That's normal.

We are learning with each other and with ourselves by living, but for that we need to have communication.

Think about a being human where decides to live in close groups of people where there is a faith in something or someone. Think about that this human being follow the beliefs of everyone inserted in these groups without questioning. It's the moment where a being human that could live learning with others, just allows being manipulated and changing the perception of reality.

Emotionally the being becomes a sheep, not a sheep that's following a ideia based in a faith, it's unfortunately being humans where were pressure in being in control and keep the structure of a small group of people in the society. 

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